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FS • VoodooPad: New in 3.2
Make sure to check out the new wiki located at This one will eventually be retired.

New in VoodooPad 3.2:

View Categories as Tags.

Lots of people have been wanting the ability to view the assigned categories as "tags". Well, now you've got it. Just open up the category palette, and use the cog-widget in the categories list to change the view as "tags".

Page Previews.

Holding down the command and control keys while hovering over an interal VoodooPad link gives you a preview of the linked page. This is awesome if you want to be able to see the first couple of lines of a page, but don't want to open it up.

Drag and Drop Linking Between Documents.

You can now drag and drop a tab from one document to another to create links. It's a super easy way to have inter-document links.

Copy Link to Item Command

We've got a new command- Edit->Copy Link to Item, which will copy text to the clipboard which you can use to link to the specific page. This will work for any applications that respect the NSLink attribute in rich text.

Link to Specific pages

You no longer need to setup aliases to link custom text to pages in your document. Select some text and choose "Link selection to item" in the Edit menu, and away you go.

Other Stuff

Now using Sparkle to do updates of the application, no longer removing custom link attributes, bug fixes, you can view embedded web archives, improved searching, and more.