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FS • VoodooPad: Glossary
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The Glossary

Alias: An alias is a word/link that goes to a page with a different title. For example, a page named "Apple Computer" might have an alias of "AAPL" which will link to the "Apple Computer" page. Find out more about aliases by reading it's topic page.

Backlinks: The pages that link to the page you are currently viewing. To view the backlinks for a given page, choose the "View->Palettes->Backlinks" menu item.

Item: An "item" is a chunk of data inside your VoodooPad document. Pages are items, but so are file links and custom url links. It's just a way to group together the things you put in VoodooPad.

Orphan: A page in a VoodooPad document that isn't linked to from any other pages in the document.

Pad: Another word for "VoodooPad Document". This was used way back for version 1.x, but the preferred term for the stuff you stick all your pages and items in is "Document".

Triggers: A Pro only feature- triggers are a handy way to script VoodooPad when certain events occur, such as a new page being created or deleted, documents opening or closing, files being written on web export and more.